Teresa Jaldon

Teresa Jaldón began very young with the learning of flamenco dance in her hometown Huelva in the emblematic Peña Flamenca de Huelva.

She continued her training with great masters of Flamenco. She combined her dance training with Theater Studies and Pedagogy (University of Huelva).

She created her own school FLAMENCOAMSTERDAM in the year 2000, continuing her artistic development with performances, courses and collaborations both in Spain and in the rest of Europe. Teresa has participated in Flamenco Festivals in Andalusia, at the Cervantes Institute, FlamencoBiennale Nederland and Festivals of Peñas Flamencas.

As a teacher, she has given innumerable flamenco dance workshops in different institutions: Rotterdam Conservatory, FlamencoBiennale Netherlands , dance conservatory , Dance school in Ankara (Turkey), among others..

As a teacher, her energy stands out , student motivation and spontaneity , making each class an experience to always repeat!!