Intensive Flamenco Workshop with Jesús Blanco

On February 17 and 18, the flamenco dance teacher and choreographer Jesús Blanco visits us.

The workshop lasts two days, Friday and Saturday, February 17/18, at the Tussen studio in Bogen 95.


1. Intermission 16.45 – 75 minutes
2. Advanced. 18.00 – 75 minutes

1. Intermediate 12.00 – 75 min
2. Advanced. 13.15 – 75 minutes


🔴INTERMEDIATE (Friday and Saturday) €75.- 2 and a half hours

🔴ADVANCED. (Friday and Saturday) €75.- 2 and a half hours


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JESÚS BLANCO Creator and choreographer

Jesús Blanco was born in Badajoz in 1985. He began to dance at the age of 8 and from that age he began to dance in the flamenco clubs and tablaos. At the age of 24 he created his first show "Flamenco Suite", followed later by "Un Instante de Plenitud" among others. And now he is immersed in an anthropological research work with his most important piece “KINTSUGI”.

In this special piece he has different collaborators such as Rocío Molina, in direction and movement consultancy, El Niño de Elche” in an audiovisual way, the music producer Carlos Cuenca creating the musical production among other artists.

Jesús Blanco has implanted his own language from his roots, the most traditional flamenco tablao dance and creating synergies with other artists and other disciplines. A language from its roots and that flies to the forefront from a conceptual point of risk that embraces the heart, space and time.
A very interesting dance teacher!

Intensive Flamenco Workshop with Sandra Esteve

On October 29, the flamenco dance teacher Sandra Esteve visits us, a much-loved teacher in Amsterdam where she gave classes with great success at Teresa Jaldón's school.

He currently works in his own school in Alicante.
Very professional teacher, with good energy and technique, beautiful choreography and above all with a lot of art.

The workshop is for a single day, Saturday October 29 at the Tussen studio in Bogen 95.

Only two levels
1. Intermediate
11.30 -12.45
2. Advanced

Intermediate price €30 .- 75 min
Advanced Price €40.- 90 min
Two levels €65.- 3 hours class

Address: Tussen de Bogen 95
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